Sadhguru in Berlin - Inner Engineering, Technologies for Wellbeing BERLIN - Tickets

Sadhguru in Berlin - Inner Engineering, Technologies for Wellbeing BERLIN - Tickets
So, 03.07.16, 15:00 UhrTEMPODROM
Möckernstraße 10, 10963 BERLIN

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Sadhguru in Berlin - Inner Engineering, Technologies for Wellbeing, TEMPODROM, 03.07.16
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Sadhguru in Berlin - Inner Engineering, Technologies for Wellbeing

Kein Einlass für Kinder unter 12 Jahren.
    Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev
      5 Sterne, aus 10 Fan-Reports
  • London - London


    Live Life with Exuberance..Make it Happen !!! von Dj, 07.06.16
    Its just not another program ...its truly life transferring event , Tool which can make every single day & Moments with so much exuberance tht knows now no boundaries..cannot wait to be in presence of Master,Yogi. & of course Mystic. Berlin Calling .....
  • Berlin - Tempodrom


    Such profoundness! What a rarity! von Asha B Annamalai, 06.06.16
    How would we find someone genuine in a world filled with self proclaimed Masters and Gurus mushrooming day-by-day, nook and corner? I was one of the fortunate few who have come across Sadhguru a few years back. Back then, I didnt have the privilege of meeting Him in person straightaway though I so wished I could. Even then, He did not fail to strike such a deep chord in me. His perspective of making such ancient wisdom in a way that is so contemporary with such terrific sense of humour grasped my attention in a way like no other all my life! Each day, moment to moment, this last seven plus years have become such an incredible exploration and an inexplicably rapturous journey from untruth to truth. Life has become so enriching that words would not suffice to articulate. To say the least, it was disillusionment - one after the other, though painful in the beginning, it left me and continues to leave me in joy and a dance within. For me, it was like I found the diamond in a heap of glass-beads. Now looking back, I cant imagine a life without Him - the technologies, the truth and guidance He has shown me! I remember the days how skeptical and resistant I was to try out anything new and how far life has changed just because I gave myself a fair chance for a change. A journey starts with a first step and what an experience it would be to see him in person, to be with him? Im thrilled for all those who are able to bask His wisdom and to give themselves a chance to see whether His words resonates deep within... Cant wait! Such a rare possibility for Berlin without having to travel across the world to meet someone so rare and profound! Such a blessed opportunity for all of Europe!
  • Paris - Tempodrom, Möckernstraße 10, 10963


    An opportunity in lifetime von Vikram, 04.06.16
    My life has been transformed by Sadhguru and I have been very fortunate to have come in contact with Sadhguru & Isha Foundation. I attended the public talk in paris and witnessed the rock star treatment received by Sadhguru which was wonderful. Its always an inspiration to listen to Sadhguru and I will be in Berlin.