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    Explosions in the Sky
      2 Sterne, aus 1 Fan-Report
  • Hamburg - Markthalle Hamburg


    Epic, but every five minutes... von leDanDanDan, 08.06.16
    I might be the only one who felt this way, but I have to say I didnt enjoy the concert as much as I thought I would. The venue was good and jt was perhaps 80 full. It was pretty hot but bearable, and it was loud but not too loud. What annoyed me was that almost each and every song felt like the last one, there was always this epic ending to it where the guitarists and drummers just went crazy. After the fourth or fifth time I just grew tired of it, after a while you just felt aaaaand here comes another epic-go-crazy ending. I was standing next to the guy responsible for the lights and effects, which was fun to watch, but I just got a bit fed up in the end. Maybe I should have known, I have some CDs after all, but it was the first concert I saw from EitS. As said, Im sure many fans loved it, but I just wasnt in the mood and it felt repetitive by the end.

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